Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's All About Me - Squared

It kinda makes sense.

But that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

In these times, to be self-absorbed is understandable, almost expected.  After all, the world is all about being noticed (as proof I point to any selfie). It seems society exists these days simply to glorify the individual.

It’s the old Andy Warhol adage - on reverse steroids.

Andy said that in the future everybody will become famous for 15 minutes, then go away.

These days, people become famous, and won’t go away.

And why are they famous?

They’re famous because we keep seeing them – ad nauseam.

Murderers, child molesters, prison escapees, you name the event, however twisted, and I’ll show you the haircut shoving a microphone in his or her face.

Since the only thing that matters to the bean counters in the media business these days is internet hits, whatever is getting the most hits is automatically top priority, number one with a bullet and the bee’s knees.

How long did I have to watch the chuckleheads riot in St. Louis and Baltimore (by the way, looting stores is a great way to protest lawlessness)

Hence, the world gets bombarded with the same stories – continuously.

And where does that leave the layman, the working stiff, Mr. John Q. Public?

Up feces creek without any toilet paper, that’s where.

So, since exposure is the way to be noticed, and it’s been shown that you no longer have to be talented to be famous, those who feel the need to be noticed simply take it upon themselves to make you notice them – in the most asinine ways.


Look around you.

See the smacked ass that won’t shut up at the ballgame? He wants to be noticed.

The buffoon who opens his car door into oncoming traffic? Hey world, look at me.

People want to feel their lives have meaning and that their lives count for something other than a census total.

Seemingly talentless toads are being fawned over everywhere you look

So they metaphorically point the lens at themselves and click the shutter.

The problem with that form of selfie is that it’s also a good way to get attention by getting the best coverage in the obituary column.

And  it won’t go away.

It’s been established that if you act the fool long enough, the flashbulbs aren’t far behind.

So we’ll have to put up with lame-os doing everything up to and including stripping in traffic until this obsession with fame slows to a crawl.

And by then, maybe even I’ll get some serious face time.








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