Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Continuing Tale of the Speaking Wallet (Surprise)

I'm not an economics expert and don't want to be.
But when I see cretins like Congressman Paul Ryan, a Republican (translation: Supporter of the Rich) from Wisconsin and chairman of the House Budget Committee tell the country that the so-called Buffett Plan proposed by the President, which would raise taxes for American millionaires, would be opposed by House Republicans, two things comes to mind.
First, since when does one congressman speak for all congressmen, even those sharing the same political party?
I would hope each congressman would take the facts of individual proposals, and vote on them based on their merit, and most importantly, the wants and needs of his or her constituents.
But I guess that's just my old-man naïveté. Somewhere along the line, somebody told me, I think it was everyone I ever met in my life, public servants were supposed to serve the public, not their own greedy, political-driven agenda.
Best of luck finding an elected official that plays by those antiquated rules.
These days, however, public servants do play the children's game of monkey in the middle, with us poor working primates in the middle.
You know the rhetoric, “You picked on our party's president, so now we're going to screw up everything your party's president tries to do, regardless of how good or bad it might be for the American public. Naa Naa Naa”.
So nothing gets done, the economy plunges another level toward the earth’s core and we sit in the middle and suck it.
This leads to the second thought that Ryan's inane comment brings to my boiling-on-11 mind.
Why is it that millionaires aren't already assuming their fair share of the tax burden?
And once again, I guess my freckle-faced, apple-pie mentality is showing through my white-picket fence.
Money not only talks, it whistles, giggles and spits. It is the most important thing in today’s world, and there isn't anything even close enough to be considered second.
When you've got it, you can make virtually anything happen. So if you’re Daddy Warbucks and you don't want to pay your share of taxes, you ain't gonna pay your fair share of taxes.
What surprises me the most in all of this kick-the-common-man-in-the-balls-again shaft job is that a large segment of Americans - working stiffs, poor old folks with little or no income and a whole host of other unfortunates that barely have two nickels to rub together - are supporting dirtbags like Ryan and all of these rich suits who would sooner spit on them than help them.
How they can continue to support slime like this while their wallets shrink to the size of a postage stamp is beyond my comprehension.
But then, I’m not an economics expert.



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